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Was der GlГckspilz allerdings mit seinem Gewinn anfangen mГchte, tut er das nicht unreflektiert.

Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares

Gleich um 3 Gürtel kämpften gestern Abend der Brite Anthony Million Dollar“ Crolla (31(13)-5(1)-3) und Jorge „Golden Boy“ Linares. Suche. Anthony Crolla vs. Jorge Linares. Keine Treffer. - WBA-Leichtgewichts-Champion Anthony Crolla trifft bei Matchroom Boxing in der Manchester Arena am September auf WBC "Diamond".

Jorge Linares vs Anthony Crolla – Kampf um 3 Gürtel

WBA Leichtgewicht-Champion Anthony Crolla (, 13 KOs) und Multi-​Divisions-Champion Jorge Linares (, 27 KOs) werden sich. Sport: Boxen Jorge Linares, Anthony Crolla. 2. Katie Taylor vs. Milena Koleva (​ENG). Dieses Video ist derzeit nicht verfügbar. 6. April 27 Min. Suche. Anthony Crolla vs. Jorge Linares. Keine Treffer.

Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares Strengths and weaknesses… Video

Anthony Crolla vs Jorge Linares - Recap \u0026 Highlights

3/25/ · Jorge Linares v Anthony Crolla. There hasn't been too much talk leading up to this one. Plenty of respect. There was a concern pre-contest that this could end up being a relatively boring. 9/24/ · Anthony Crolla sees tonight's lightweight world unification contest with Jorge Linares as "a legacy fight" with the Venezuelan who is ranked No 1 lightweight in the world by dint of holding The. 12/25/ · Watch Jorge Linares - Anthony Crolla I (61,) WBA, Ring [POL] part 2 - Іван Щебетюк on Dailymotion.

Aber Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares ist nicht Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares. - Titelvereinigungs-Kampf im Leichtgewicht: Es geht um drei WM Titel

Bis zu einer neuen Kampfansage wird er aber Japan Senegal Wm 2021 im Leichtgewicht geführt und ist da auch ohne Titel die Nr. For more great content, and everything on the sweet science of boxing, be sure to: Follow us on Twitter - Like us on Facebook. Anthony Crolla believes he will need the best performance of his career to avenge his defeat by Jorge Linares and regain the WBA lightweight title. Crolla, 30, led on two of the judges' scorecards. Anthony Crolla will enter the Manchester Arena to defend his WBA lightweight title against Jorge Linares this Saturday. The Manchester native will be conducting the second defence of his belt up. Anthony Crolla's incredible climb to the top came to a halt when he lost a unanimous points decision to the classy Jorge Linares in Manchester. Crolla put everything in to a flowing and fearsome. Anthony Crolla comes into clash with WBA lightweight champion as underdog Jorge Linares gained unanimous decision victory over Crolla in first encounter Mancunian will be fighting in front of home.
Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares Linares loading up as they tee off on each other, Crolla looking so fatigued and needs a huge finish but he looks spent. If it carries on like this then Crolla will not be taking back the WBA belt he so badly wants Funflirt De Erfahrungen reclaim. JORGE LINARES - scored by all Megabonus judges. The occasional clinical Hl-Live.De and a trio of unanswered rights at the end of the 10th Ringo Flamingo reaffirmed the edge and experience of Linares. This is becoming a battle of wills. Another round goes his way. It was close but Crolla had the best moments of round 9. Great shot. Typically, Crolla came out firing in the fourth, two rights upstairs sandwiched by a left bodyshot of his own gave him some momentum. Plenty of respect. More Stories.

Den Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares, ob fГr die bevorzugte Zahlungsart eventuell Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares GebГhren anfallen, sind die Gewinnchancen auf jeden Fall. - News, Tickets, Termine und Ergebnisse vom Boxen

Nach dem wirklich sehenswerten Fight zwischen Linares und Crolla kann Blackjack Play gespannt sein, ob es demnächst zu Vereinigungskämpfen kommen wird.
Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares

There was a general drop in pace in the eighth as both seemed to have given it everything but Crolla was the next to pop in the better shots. The occasional clinical left-right and a trio of unanswered rights at the end of the 10th again reaffirmed the edge and experience of Linares.

The 11th saw more of the same, Crolla trying but almost knowing he had six minutes to come up with the sort of stunning success that even he could not manage.

He kept pressing, he kept pushing but Linares kept countering, even jabbing on his way back and at times in the penultimate round, he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his second trip to the United Kingdom.

I've got no complaints. I'll watch it back. I made a few mistakes and walked onto a few sharp counters. I'm disappointed in that and I'm disappointed I couldn't win those belts for Manchester.

Crolla is looking to cut Linares off but his ring intelligence is superb, and twice in rapid succession he bounces off the ropes and spins around Crolla, before looking to counter with hard shots to the body.

We then have the first clinch of the fight, which Linares follows up with a lightening quick combo the body.

Great right and body shots from Linares, some blocked by Crolla. They tie up for the first time. Crolla guard tight. Body and head attacks from the speed of Linares.

Crolla pawing with the jab. Great movement from Linares. Real speed here. Crolla still cutting the ring off, and Crolla lands to the body.

Crolla soaks up the shot well and maintains his high guard, but Linares ends the round on the front foot, and I think he edged that opening round.

Body shots early and plenty of attack from Crolla as three-weight world champion Linares plays possum. Linares lands left to the liver and looks sharp.

Jabs to the body from the Venezuelan. Even round. T he boxers have been introduced, the anthems have been sung, and the sponsors have had their names loudly shouted out by the MC about four times.

Which means we're ready to get this underway! Round by round updates, as well as insight from our boxing correspondent Gareth A Davies, to follow.

T he Venezuelan anthem is still going strong. Not that you can really hear it mind, a rousing rendition of ' Oh Anth-ony Crol-la ' almost drowns it out, followed by a chorus of loud jeers.

Linares looks confident though, calmly stepping into the ring and pacing around the ring with a relaxed expression on his face. S weet Caroline is the greatest song ever recorded, isn't it?

They're blaring it out at the Manchester Arena, and Sky aren't even bothering to attempt any punditry during it, they're just allowing the cameraman to pick out drunk fans singing their hearts out.

But Linares is the more graceful, skilful boxer: his hand speed combined with his footwork and ring-intelligence makes his a formidable opponent, and tremendous fun to watch.

But there are weaknesses there, too. He is renowned for having a weak chin, for example, and is susceptible to cuts. L inares is aware of these weaknesses, though, and has said he has learnt from the mistakes of his compatriot Ismael Barroso, who Crolla knocked out in his previous fight.

He came rushing out and Anthony absorbed the early attack and imposed himself on Ismael and won the fight in style.

C ourtesy of our boxing correspondent, Gareth A Davies :. A nthony Crolla sees tonight's lightweight world unification contest with Jorge Linares as "a legacy fight" with the Venezuelan who is ranked No 1 lightweight in the world by dint of holding The Ring Magazine belt.

Crolla, having transformed his career and public profile in the last two years, has elevated himself to world level both in terms of his performances in the ring and his standing outside it after an act of civil duty tackling burglars at a neighbour's home which led to him being assaulted and having to battle back from a fractured skull and broken ankle.

Crolla put the incident behind him almost two years ago to climb the ladder and become a world champion. Read the full preview HERE. The pundits are surprised, every man and his dog on Twitter is surprised, and I'm surprised.

Clearly Arnfield's jab in those earlier rounds won him the contest. Ryder must be gutted, that fight was there for him to win and he's completely thrown it away.

An Arnfield win?! One judge by 8 rounds. John Ryder very harshly done by there. Mind you, not too sure how much you can trust the opinion of a man who calls himself 'I'm an armchair moron'.

Can't wait.. RedArmy CrollaLinares pic. W e're waiting on the judges here, although I think Ryder has just about done enough The crowd don't give a damn either way.

Crolla flashes up on the big screen again, and the crowd erupts with cheers. Ryder has been better over the past three or so rounds, landing a couple of nice uppercuts in round eight which may have just nudged him ahead on the judge's scorecards.

Although it's very hard to tell, it's been nip and tuck the whole way through. Ryder carries that momentum into the next round, though, with a decent right hook to the body winding Arnfield.

The local fighter has been struggling to land his jab over the past few rounds, and I think he's going to need to do something special to stop Ryder at this point.

But Crolla said yesterday that he believes he has what it takes to stop the well-journeyed Linares, a forner three-weight world champion, who has fought on four different continents.

I rate Linares very highly but I genuinely believe I'll have an answer for whatever he shows me. He's technically brilliant and I've got to be switched on from the opening bell.

He's a very good counter-puncher, so I know I can't be lazy at any stage. He likes to fight at his pace and I can't allow that. I've got to take advantage of some weaknesses that I think I've seen there.

I'm confident I can do that. Kevin Mitchell was seconds away from winning but Jorge dragged himself off the floor and came from behind to get the stoppage.

That's what true champions do. I f you thought Crolla looked relaxed on his way into the Arena earlier, just look at this:.

The reach advantage that he boasts is proving significant, and Arnfield did very well in the second round, repeatedly passing Ryder's guard with his jab.

S lightly farcical news from the Manchester Arena: Crolla had to sent an emergency driver back to his house after arriving at tonight's venue because he forgot both his gumshield and his shorts.

Let's just hope he remembered his gloves. Ryder really needs the win here, after earlier defeats to Billy-Joe Saunders and Nick Blackwell.

Y eah it's a big night for Anthony and we're all excited. I'm sure he's excited, hopefully he can win. It was a good win for us against Leicester and we're delighted with that, and hopefully Anthony, as a huge fan of Manchester United, can win here tonight.

CrollaLinares pic. M y, my, my, what an ugly slugfest that turned into. Shihepo was so busy complaining about a supposed illegal blow in the seventh round that he allowed himself to be caught by a huge bodyshot, that sent him tumbling into the ropes.

This time, the ref ruled it to be a knockdown. The Namibian attempted to give it a go at the beginning of the ninth, but had nothing left in the tank, and was knocked out with a big right hook that left him on the deck and requiring oxygen.

It's all over!! Callum Johnson is the NEW Commonwealth Light Heavyweight champion!! JorgeLinares relaxing backstage. WHAT a main event we have later!!

On my way to the arena now. Been reading all the msgs of support from u all and I can't thank u enough for them. Tonight I get a chance to.

Let's make this night a special one OurNight TeamCrolla. T here was earlier a huge cheer as Crolla was shown on the big screens walking into the Arena, and the year-old had the following to say to Sky Sports:.

I've done this walk many times before. It's bigger than ever before but I'm very confident. I can walk to that ring knowing I've done everything asked of me and then I'll keep those belts in Manchester.

Shihepo made the better start, repeatedly backing Johnson up and attempting to take the fight to his English rival, but it didn't take Johnson very long to settle at all.

The Johnson onslaught continues into the fourth round, though, and Shihepo is lucky to still be standing. G ood to see Fury enjoying the boxing, especially following the news that his withdrawal from the Klitschko rematch was likely because of depression.

Linares put in the hard work in the early rounds. Allow a British eye to reward a sterling effort. Crolla went to the body to some effect and as Linares took a little time off to dance he may have edged it.

I could not deny this gallant Mancunian at least one round. Realistically you thought Crolla was beat after that devastating uppercut in round seven.

But no. The man who has taken so many beatings in his life is going back for more. Just that this time he is connecting with his punches and even rocking Linares.

A vicious left uppercut dropped Crolla suddenly to his knees. The first knock-down was followed by sustained punishment form Linares and he earned the admiration of the crowd with a gallant assault in the closing seconds.

The speed of some of Linares' combination is brilliant. Linares takes a step back and unleashes a left uppercut.

Down goes Crolla. The crowd chant: 'Oh Anthony Crolla. Can he hold on in round eight? Much better from Crolla. He realises he can't let this simply wind down to 12 rounds.

If he does that then Linares then he loses. The Mancunian is starting to punch to the body. The only trouble is that Linares is so quick. He moves out of the way, left or right, before jabbing and hooking.

Very clinical. Crolla has already lasted longer than anyone thought. Maybe, just maybe. If he can get his own punches away and land them he has a chance.

That hasn't really happened so far and Linares looks comfortable. Crolla kept pressing forward, perhaps in the hope that the older champion, but he was being picked off almost at will.

The crowd were roused from the apprehension when Crolla connected with forceful right but only the most sympathetic of the neutral judges would have given him the round.

The crowd are doing their best but this is only going one way so far. Linares has prepared superbly for this and is reaping the rewards. He's stronger with his punches than his opponent and moves with speed that allows him to get into advantageous positions.

Another round goes his way. Although Crolla had his moments after that some more clever combinations by Linares banked another round.

If it carries on like this then Crolla will not be taking back the WBA belt he so badly wants to reclaim. Linares' shots are hurting Crolla. His punches are clean and crisp.

Crolla backing off. The champion was oozing not only class but confidence born of their first fight. Linares starting to show why he's the champion.

A couple of nasty blows to the body of Crolla. Crolla struggling to get much on Linares yet again but his movement is looking very good indeed.

Crolla looked anything but tired at the start. Crolla has to use his fans who are crammed into the Manchester Arena. It holds 21, spectators and it seems every one of those is backing Crolla.

Linares said before the fight he wouldn't have any sort of support here. Linares keeps his focus for the first round, though.

Crolla not afraid to go forward either. No significant punches landed. Jorge Linares,' announces John McDonald. Linares has a steely look about him.

Crolla bounced into the ring and looked energetic but a little nervous. Linares doesn't appear nervous at all.

Confident walk to the ring and the crowd who have been very vocal have been sounded out. There hasn't been too much talk leading up to this one.

Plenty of respect. There was a concern pre-contest that this could end up being a relatively boring encounter with the pair standing off each other.

But the way both fighters have been warming up suggests they are ready for a scrap that could last the distance. And it's Jack Arnfield who takes it.

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Here is Jeff Powell's report from ringside. It promises to be a superb fight with plenty of speed, power and possibly a knockout. Jose Mourinho insists 'if there is any secret it is to take it seriously' as he moves step closer to a FIFTH League Cup and a chance to end Tottenham's year trophy drought after winning his 'biggest game at Spurs' against GlГјcksspirale Aktuelle Zahlen 'We were thick as thieves Crolla: Unable to fight in his homeland under the age of 18, he moved to Japan and made Overwatch World Cup 2021 South Korea professional debut at 17 - setting up in Tokyo where he admits he was initially "always lonely". - WBA-Leichtgewichts-Champion Anthony Crolla trifft bei Matchroom Boxing in der Manchester Arena am September auf WBC "Diamond". Anthony Crolla (, 13 K.o.) verteidigt in der Manchester Arena seinen WBA-​Titel gegen den jährigen Venezolaner Jorge Linares. WBA Leichtgewicht-Champion Anthony Crolla (, 13 KOs) und Multi-​Divisions-Champion Jorge Linares (, 27 KOs) werden sich. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares Weigh In sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus Alle Boxing Stars Boxtrainer Singbet Schattenboxer. Nächster Artikel Termine für den Box-Kalender. Er steht damit ganz weit oben in Leichtes KreuzwortrГ¤tsel Gewichtsklasse.
Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares
Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares
Anthony Crolla V Jorge Linares