Mary drove 380 miles using 14 gallons of gas. At this rate, how many gallons of gas would she need to drive418 miles?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:She will need 15.4 gallons to drive 418 milesStep-by-step explanation:Step 1Consider the expression below;T=G×Nwhere;T-total miles traveledG-number of miles per gallonN=quantity of gas consumedThis can also be expressed as;Total miles=number of miles per gallon×number of gallonsIn our case;T=380 milesG=unknownN=14 gallonsreplacing;380=G×1414 G=380G=380/14G=27.14 miles per gallonStep 2Using the same expression;T=G×Nwhere;T=418 milesG=27.14 miles per gallonN=unknownreplacing;418=27.14×N27.14 N=418N=418/27.14N=15.4 gallonsShe will need 15.4 gallons to drive 418 miles