Mr. Scott rented a bicycle for 6 hours on Saturday and then several more hours on Sunday. It cost $4 per hour to rent the bicycle, and he paid a total of $48. For how many hours did Mr. Scott rent the bicycle on Sunday? Choose two answers: one for the equation that models this situation and one for the correct answer. A. Equation: 6(4 + x) = 48 B. Equation: 4(6 + x) = 48 C. Answer: 4 hours

Accepted Solution

First, we would need to create an equation for this problem. Let x represent the unknown number of hours.
4(6 + x) = 48

Next, you would simplify the equation.
24 + 4x = 48

Now, you would combine like terms.Β 
4x = 24

Your last step would be to isolate the x. To do this, you would divide both sides of the equal sign by 4.Β 
x = 6

I hope this helps!