Two mechanics worked on a car. The first mechanic charged $95  per hour, and the second mechanic charged $60  per hour. The mechanics worked for a combined total of 20  hours, and together they charged a total of $1375 . How long did each mechanic work?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Mechanic A worked for 5 hours and Mechanic B worked for 15 hoursI hope my answer and explanation helped! okay to get started you need to make a system of equations:x= number of hours worked by mechanic Ay= number of hours worked by mechanic Bx + y= 2095x + 60y= 1375 substitute in an equation:x + y= 20 y= 20- x95x + 60(20-x)=1375Solve for x95x + 1200 - 60x=137535x =175x= 5plug in x to solve for yx + y= 205 + y= 20y=15Check workthen you're done :D